Frozen references: It doesn’t have to be a snowman. | requested by beacasketteer

Frozen references: Do you wanna build a snowman? P.1 | requested by randomrisa

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caskett au → After months of trying for their own child, Kate finally becomes pregnant. The downside? Daddy Castle becomes increasingly protective and Mama Castle becomes increasingly homicidal.

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Three seasons later I’m still not over Kate Beckett being shot in the chest.



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I’ve rolled around in the mud for so long. Wash me clean and I don’t recognise myself. So, how about I just accept the mud and the tendency I have to find myself rolling in it.

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you make saving the world magical. (x)

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Stana Katic, star of ABC’s Castle, wore an orange tiered hi-low dress from the Spring Summer collection by Alberta Ferretti for her role as Detective Kate Beckett. (x)

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requested by Anon

requested by Anon

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I have a gun, and you don’t really have a choice. 

I have a gun, and you don’t really have a choice. 

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Best of Stana Katic + sassy tweets